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Bio-Ethics in Experimental Medicine    Back

Ghent University Course Type: Short courses (CPD), Masters Start Date: September
Location: Ghent, Belgium


Bio-ethics in Experimental Medicine provides an introduction to the most important
ethical theories. Students are familiarised with medical ethics and deontology related to fundamental and translational biomedical research.


• Introduction to ethics and basic principles in research
• Ethical aspects of embryomic stemcell research, cloning and assisted reproduction.
• Ethics related to genetic diagnosis and implications for the individual and the society.
• Legal frame for clinical research on humans: “informed consent”, design of clinical
trials, risk assessment and ethical violations and non-compliance with good clinical
practice GCP.
• Ethical and legal aspects related to human body material for research purposes and
the construction of medical data and biobanking.
• Ethics of scientific research, conflicts of interests ans research bias.
• Procedure for submitting a research protocol to the ethics committee.

Offered in the following programme: Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

  1. To be able to understand ethical aspects of clinical research in biomedical sciences.
  2. To be able to define one's position in relation to ethical problems.
  3. To be confident with the basic priciples of bio-ethics (autonomy, do not harm, do well, justice principle).
  4. To be conident with the basic principles of professional secrecy, privacy law, confidentiallity of patient file.
  5. To be confident with basic principles of clinical research (ethical aspects, juridical aspects, patient rights, insurrance).
  6. To be confident with the procedure to submit researchprotocols to the ethical comite.
  7. To be confident with the specific aspects of research in children and research on genetics.
  8. To be confident with recent law conceirning body materials.
This course is a module of: MSc in Biomedical Sciences

Short courses (CPD) - Part time

Start date:
Student investment time:
90.0 Hours
Teaching method:
Ghent, Belgium

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GUIDe- University Forum (Ufo)
University accredited:
Short courses (CPD): 3 ECTS
Last update: 10/08/2017