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ACM Training Course Type: Short courses (CPD) Start Date: To be announced
Duration: Full time - 1 Day Fees/total cost: EUR 174.07 (GBP 129.00)


If you dread giving a presentation or quite enjoy the buzz but would like to communicate more effectively then this workshop is for you. It's suitable for participants from the profit and non-profit sectors as both are, in effect, “selling” something - whether to increase financial or social capital. You'll learn how to give engaging and purposeful presentations that get the audience doing exactly what you want.


We break the training day into easy-to-follow steps from concept (the crucial bit many people leave out), through design (where creativity is key but very often absent) to delivery (which is almost always scary, especially if you’re daring to be different).

Why it’s worth investing time working out exactly what you (and/or others) want your presentation to achieve and whether the aim is attainable (or even desirable) through the spoken word.

Why the old saying, “know thine audience” is as true now as it’s ever been and practical techniques to research your audience.

Barriers to communication
Why it’s important to identify potential sources of “noise” between the transmitter (presenter) and receiver (audience).
The difference between physical and intellectual barriers to communication and tools to design them out, or help the audience overcome them where they are unavoidable.

Verbal and non-verbal communication
How doing one thing and saying another sends mixed messages and creates conflict. How to get the spoken and non-spoken word going in the same direction.

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Last update: 08/11/2017