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Major health care issues in Europe, 2015

Question: What in your opinion are the major health care issues in Europe?

Top 10 answers summarised (from 267 answers) as the major themes in order of popularity:

  1. Ageing and Age-related diseases (typically, but not exclusively, age-related)
    • Ageing - Example answers: Ageing population; Elderly healthcare; Geriatrics
    • Neurodegenerative - Example answers: Dementias, accounted for 10% of all answers
    • Cardiovascular
    • Autoimmune - Example answers: Arthritis and degenerative musculoskeletal disorders
  2. Cancer
    • Example answers: Cancer screening; Inefficient cancer treatments (unselective/high level of side effects); Women's Health (including cancer); Cancer (esp. breast, lung, intestinal, cervical, liver)
  3. Antibiotic resistance/Infectious disease
    • Example answers: Globalization of infections; Hepatitis; HIV; Careless use of antibiotics and subsequent antibiotic resistance built up
  4. Obesity
    • Example answers: Obesity and co-morbidities; Adiposity
  5. Costs  
    • Example answers: Cost containment in the context of ageing and new technologies; Funding of medical care; Lack of funding for research; Reimbursement for new therapies; Rigidity of health insurances; Cost of treatments; Pricing of Health Technologies per outcomes
  6. Mental health (Psychiatric disorders)
    • Example answers: Depression; Addictions
  7. Metabolic disorders (primarily diabetes)
    • Example answers: Type 2 diabetes
  8. Fair access to treatment
    • Example answers: The quality of the healthcare you receive is far too connected to the where in Europe you live; Access to / definition of optimal care
  9. Migration
    • Example answers: Migration and ethnic differences; Inbound and outbound migration
  10. Respiratory disease