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New technologies for biomedical sciences, 2015

Question: What in your opinion will be the most exciting new technologies for biomedical sciences?

Top 10 answers summarised (from 256 answers) as the major themes in order of popularity:

  1. Genetics
    • Example answers: Next generation sequencing, Gene editing, RNASeq; Genomics
  1. Medical devices
    • Example answers: Wearables; Implants; Microfluidics; Mind-Machine interface
  1. Big Data
    • Example answers: E-Health; Big data (capturing, managing, using)
  1. Nanotechnology
    • Example answers: Nanomedicine; Nano assays; Nanobodies; Nanotech applications for drug delivery
  1. Imaging
    • Example answers: Quantitative phase imaging; Higher resolution imaging; Functional brain imaging; in vivo imaging; Mass spec imaging
  1. Regenerative medicine / Cell technology
    • Example answers: 3D printing (biomatrices/organ scaffolds); Stem cell expanded grafts based on nanopolymers; Lab grown replacement organs; Ability to change the glycome in (stem-) cells; Embryonic stem cell technology; 3D cultures; Informatic chips to infer or recognise cellular activity
  1. Microscopy
    • Example answers: Cryo electron; Super resolution
  1. Vaccines
    • Example answers: Needle free administration; New protein scaffolds in antibody research; New antimicrobials
  1. Artificial intelligence / Modelling and simulation
    • Example answers: Machine learning; Predictive models
  1. Biomarkers
    • Example answers: Biomarkers based on phenotypes not analytes (imaging, PROs, mHealth etc); Blood based biomarkers