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Major health care issues in Europe, 2014

Question: What in your opinion are the major health care issues in Europe?

Top 10 answers summarised as the major themes:

  1. Sustainability and costs
    • Example answers: Cost reduction policies; High costs of drug development; Pharmacoeconomics; Inefficient healthcare systems; Sustainability of public sector healthcare
  2. Antibiotics/Infectious disease
    • Example answers: Antibiotic resistance; Gaps in research and development of new antibiotics; Improvement of antibiotics and vaccines
  3. Personalised medicine
    • Example answers: Development of genetics based personal risk assessment; Training of medical personnel including GPs to deliver personalised healthcare solutions to patients
  4. Standardisation and coordination
    • Example answers: Standardising health technology assessments between countries; Poor coordination efforts; Bureaucracy and regulation
  5. Diabetes and Obesity
  6. Age related disease
    • Example answers: Alzheimer’s and other Neurodegenerative diseases; Normal ageing
  7. Cancer
  8. Information technology
    • Example answers: Lack of experts that understand both information technology and healthcare; Enabling data analysis over secure systems; Training in “Big Data” analysis; Gaining permissions to combining and exporting datasets that can be logically integrated
  9. Efficacy and Safety
    • Example answers: Reliable processes for relative effectiveness (HTA) measurement needed; Real world evidence for efficacy and safety
  10. Innovation
    • Example answersLack of truly innovative drugs; Slow rate of discovery of active molecules for solutions to today’s challenges