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Research areas in biomedical sciences, 2014

Question: What in your opinion are the most important/cutting edge/promising research areas in biomedical science?

Top 10 answers summarised as the major themes:

  1. Personalised medicine
    • Example answersPersonalized / precision medicine via (longitudinal) parameter monitoring (including metabolomics and gene expression analysis); Personalised genomics for risk assessment; Patient specific biomarker analysis for efficacy and safety; Longitudinal collection of electronic patient health care records (primary and secondary care) for use in clinical trials and basic research
  2. Omics
    • Example answersGenomics; Epigenomics; Next generation sequencing; Rapid sequencing of pathogens; Higher mammal –omics applied to human health applications
  3. Informatics
    • Example answersClinical bioinformatics; Finding “controller nodes” in complex biological pathways; Real-life/Big data; Utilisation of EHR for big data mining; Convergence of consumer and telehealth technology; Decision support systems to deal with the roll out of innovations in the general community
  4. Antibiotic Research
  5. Modelling and simulation
    • Example answersIn silico modelling; Cellular modelling; Modelling systems
  6. CNS
    • Example answersBrain research; Early diagnosis for neurodegenerative disease; Alzheimer’s
  7. Nanomedicine
  8. Imaging
  9. Regenerative medicine
    1. Example answersDiscovering approaches to modify tissue remodelling in disease; Rebuilding injured organs; Stem cells
  10. Cancer and Biosensors (received roughly equal number of responses)
    • Example answers: New and safe tyrosine kinase inhibitors for treating malignancies; Biosensors for remote and continuous monitoring of patients; Companion diagnostics